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Tunnel traffic accident is world problem,many excellent designers are trying to reduce its happening but not very successful. 

There is a conflict actually during designing of inside-tunnel brightness,either to have more lamps to sacrifice the environment and investor's money,or to reduce the lights to sacrifice the traffic safety. 

Current regular solution is to use a reflective paint or a regular matte white ceramic tile,try to make it brighter but after all it is just a decoration in tunnel, the brightness is no obviously increased and accidents still happen.

This is a world headache.


JIEBANG China donates the world tunnel designers and builders an effective and economical long term solution.


Chairman of International Bridge & Tunnel Martin said during IBTC 2018 in Shanghai:

This is totally an innovative donation to world human life

Till end of 2018, 3 tunnels in Sichuan,China(a province with mountains) already successfully used our solution,the coming 16 tunnels are talking to us including a future world famous highway designed to be THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HIGHWAY with more than 200km bridges and tunnels round trip.


                                                                    This is old tunnel
                                         This is tunnel with JIEBANG Solution

Old Tunnel

Tunnel with Reflective Paint

Tunnel with JIEBANG Solution

JIEBANG Solution:Optical Diffuse Reflection Tile

It is NOT a regular ceramic tile.

JIEBANG Solution is to fully diffuse reflect the light from the same numbers of tunnel lamps and car lights,to enhance the tunnel luminance,to help drivers clearly view the whole environment.

JIEBANG Diffuse Reflecitive Tile won the RED DOT designing award and it is patent protected.

Below is comparison between Reflective Paint and JIEBANG Diffuse Reflective Tle:

Left Room with JIEBANG Reflective Tile, Right Room with Reflective Paint. Both rooms are same lighting sources,same size.



Below is the comparison between JIEBANG Tile(in the middle) and Regular White Tile with same light resource (camera flashed)


With JIEBANG REFLECTIVE TILE, We say we safe life and bright your journey.

Project Gujiashan Tunnel(2018.6)Project Wangjiashan Tunnel(2018.12)


Jiebang Reflective Tile in Mianyang New tunnel

New Tunnel Wall Solution-Mianyang Wangjieshan tunnel

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